First look at the cottage

Yesterday, Mirinda looked at another house. This one was in East Worldham. She loved it and really wanted me to see it so that was our first stop today.

It snowed last night and the world was all clean, white and lovely.

I loved the house. We made an offer and it was accepted. £205,000.

Denise looked through it as well so she can tell mum and dad all about it.

It was then back to Hayling Island for Denise’s handbag.

Then to Fishbourne.

We stopped at the Woolpack pub for a warming half hour in front of the fire. Then, down the road a bit more and to the Roman Palace.

What a brilliant place! I LOVED it! Don’t think the others were quite so keen. I don’t know that they understood what it all meant really.

Anyway, we left and searched for food. Ended up by the water. Well, mud actually as it was very low tide. We had very sub-standard jacket potatoes.

The car park had a sign saying that it was underwater at high tide so we kept a wary eye out for encroaching water.

We then set off for Brighton and, the pier.

Our first return. We haven’t been back since our first visit to the UK.

It was a very cold but fun night. I went on a couple of rides with the kids, played a few machines, had the obligatory fish and chips and way too many doughnuts.

We took the long way home from Brighton – 90 minutes – and I think Peter got more pissed off than usual.

In the meanwhilst, there’s terrible bush fires in Sydney. Footage on the BBC has Sydney under clouds of black smoke. Awful.

In better news, Chelsea beat Newcastle at St James’ Park.

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