Feeling the heat

Today saw the temperature hitting above 30°. When I took the girls to the park, I made sure to take some water for them. We also spent as much time in the shade as we could. Before leaving the house, I opened the vents in the ceiling lantern, just to let some air in. It was very warm for most of the day.

First thing, I went into Farnham to shop and visit Starbucks where I delivered a couple of muffins to Sue and Jade.

I chatted with Jade about her new nose piercing, something she said she’s wanted for years but only just had done. I said they never appealed to me but, hey, it’s her nose.

I had a lovely chat with Rachel in Waitrose while choosing some cheese. Apparently she had a health scare a few weeks ago but everything has turned out okay and she’s fine now. In fact, today was her first day back at work. It was, coincidentally, my first day back choosing cheese at the cheese counter.

For the walk into town, the temperature was cool but, by the time I was heading back, the sun had started to impose itself. By lunchtime, as I said, it was very hot. Then, at 4pm, I looked at the thermometer on the outside of my office.

The thermometer is never in direct sunlight. It really was 33°.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Omg!!! 33!!!!
    I don’t recall ur ever being that hot in farnham! Water all the pots!

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