Muffins for afternoon tea

Today saw me walking into town. I left half an hour earlier than usual in case it took me longer given my stupid feet. As it turned out, I reached Starbucks in 25 minutes which is how long it takes me when my feet are at Gaz Normal. I was quite surprised but happy and enjoyed some quality time chatting to Sue while drinking my latte and waiting for Waitrose to open.

The same can’t be said for my return trip. When I reached my usual half way bench and sat for five minutes, I realised it had already taken me 20 minutes. Overall, the walk home, minus stoppage time, was over 40 minutes.

By the time I reached home, my left foot was aching a bit but, otherwise I was fine. I had a short break with a coffee before making muffins.

Years ago, when I was still working, Nicole and I would have regular baking days where we would make something and bring it in for a sort of morning tea treat. I started making muffins and they were well received. I became quite good at it, using different fruit and nuts and sometimes chocolate. I stopped needing the recipe.

That, of course, was long ago. I haven’t made muffins for a very long time. I had quite the hunt for the old recipe (scribbled on a bit of paper and stuck to a card) but find it I did. That’s why I really needed to go shopping: For the blueberries.

And, I was quite happy with the result. I added walnuts to give them a bit of crunch.

There was a very good reason I made blueberry muffins today. It wasn’t just a whim. I had two very important visitors. Sue and Maude.

I’d suggested Sue come round for tea this week. It was her turn to make cake but, as she quickly explained, her rental accommodation didn’t have an oven. I told her not to worry, I’d make muffins. In recompense, Sue said she’d take the girls for a long walk in the park beforehand.

True to her word, she turned up at 2pm, collected the girls and set off. A long while later, she returned with river doused dogs who seemed very happy with their adventures. Emma was so happy she tried to get Sue to throw a stick for her. She hasn’t had that sort of fun since Mirinda left because I refuse. I told Sue she should ignore her. Eventually, Emma accepted the fact that very few people like having bits of wood chipped all over them.

And we had a lovely couple of hours, sitting on the terrace, drinking water (Sue) and beer (me) and eating muffins. Sue judged them delicious and even took four home with her.

We talked about all manner of things but mostly about her new living quarters. It’s a fill in while she waits for her new house to become available. The purchase is tied up in a very slow chain, something that’s frustrating her.

The place she’s staying is very small. She described it as the size of her old kitchen/dining area. And that’s it. Basically, it’s a converted brick storage shed. Apart from the smell, she said, it was fine. Apparently the previous tenant smoked when he wasn’t supposed to and, to counteract the smell of cigarette usage, he sprayed the place with cheap aftershave. Sue said the bricks have absorbed the combined smell and, if she gets too close, she gags.

That makes it sound awful when she said it’s fine. It has a nice big garden and is very quiet with only the birds of a morning. And the old blind dog next door, which barks almost constantly.

She is going on a Folk Camp this weekend and I suggested that, even though she’ll be in a tent, it will be a nice change from her current living conditions.

All up, it was a lovely visit with a promise that she would try and make a cake next time. Before they left, I insisted on taking a photo of Maude.

Sue says that Maude has been a great companion. I’m not sure what she feels about the smelly bricks.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Clearly I love Emma the most as I’m the only willing stick thrower.
    Maude is stunning and it looks like Sue is wearing a fetching folk skirt.

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