So much excitement

Today saw the most amazing end to a test cricket match. At lunchtime, I was chatting to Mike and we agreed, with New Zealand all out and leaving England 284 to win by stumps, it was headed for a draw. A good test match, certainly, but definitely a draw.

I was chatting to Mike after we’d finished recording the FATN magazine for June. Mike was the engineer. Ann was presenting and Malcolm was the other reader. And what fun it was.

Mind you, it’s interesting how both Malcolm and Mike were new to the whole chatting thing. Ann and I, obviously, are old hands at it and added a lot of back and forth, as usual while poor Malcolm was very restrained. He had said to me earlier that his ad lib skills were not that great, so maybe it’s that. I did assure him that it was just like chatting in real life (because it is) but, I guess he felt too self conscious.

Mike, as engineer, has to know when to turn our microphones on and off and, given he’s in another room and can’t see us, it makes it hard for him to judge the cross-overs. Subsequently, when I heard the recording back over dinner, he missed a few gems between Ann and me. Still, there’s more than enough to keep it entertaining.

The best thing, for me anyway, was actually seeing people while recording. We three were in the big reception area, in a triangle. Chatting is so much easier when you can see each other. Mind you, it also gives Ann the opportunity to make rude gestures in my direction when I tease her.

And my legs worked almost properly (for me) for the whole day. Mirinda asked me before I left the house how healed I was. I said I felt at about 97% and this remained that way all the way there and back. Of course, I took a bus, which made it a lot easier.

Then, once I returned home, after feeding the girls, we all went to the park for a bit of running around. I realised, on the way to the studio, that today was the first time the dogs have been alone since May 27 when I went to Heathrow with Mirinda. Needless to say, they were very excited when I got back.

Though not as excited as the Test Match Special team as the England batting went off the scales. Jonny Bairstow played a blinder, making 136 after the tea break. He left Ben Stokes to finish the game off and notch up a historic win.

According to TMS, it was the most boundaries scored in any test innings. Anywhere, anywhen. I was only listening to it but the excitement was palpable. And, best of all, Trent Bridge was packed because the ground had given free tickets to anyone who wanted to come. Normally the fifth day of a possible draw would attract about 5,000 fans but not when the tickets are free.

Let’s hope that a few of those attending will be turned away from the awful, money making nonsense played elsewhere and learn to embrace the brilliance that is, dare I say it, real cricket.

And, because I saw them on Hale Road this morning, here’s some hollyhocks.

These are the first I’ve seen. We have a lot of buds in the front garden but no actual flowers yet.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    You were the one who actually started the chit chat at talking newspaper – so no wonder you’re an old hand at it.
    The hollyhocks look glorious.

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