She Who Saved Sweden

Today I met the woman who I will call She Who Saved Sweden. She is the woman who is taking the girls during my trip to Sweden next month. Had Mirinda not found her, I probably wouldn’t be going. When I told her how grateful I was, she said “Well, you are paying!” A very good point.

The problem had been one of availability. We both tried dozens of options but, because of a combination of summer holidays and short notice, there was no room at any inn. Before discovering She Who Saved Sweden, Mirinda found someone who could do all but the final few days, so I checked out the cancellation policy on the German trains I was taking. There wasn’t one.

I could shorten my trip but it would mean buying a new, single trip a couple of days earlier and just not turning up for the booked trip. That may sound vindictive but, on the contrary, it would have saved my journey out because of the return nature of the tickets.

But, of course, none of that mattered as things turned out.

She Who Saved Sweden turned up at around 2pm and she instantly fell in love with the girls and, strangely, Emma fell in love with her. It’s rare for Emma to attach herself to another human so quickly. It was lovely to see, particularly given they’ll be with this woman for three weeks.

They won’t want to come home,” Said She Who Saved Sweden as she fondly patted Emma and promised them both many, many cuddles on the lounge.

She has two dogs of her own and she brought Daisy, the collie with her today. And, even more surprisingly, Emma had no problem with her. Of course, Freya tends to make friends with whatever dog approaches her but, again, it’s rare for Emma. Maybe it was because it was on her territory and she didn’t feel threatened.

Daisy went for a wander around the garden while we talked about what would happen with them during their stay. When she returned, like Rodney, she felt she just had to finish off the remaining dog biscuits in the girls’ bowls. She Who Saved Sweden was surprised at this because, she said, Daisy generally only ate when she was hungry. I suggested it was because it was different food.

After 15 minutes, they went off for their second walk of the day while we prepared to head to the park for our first.

Today we sat on the Groucho Marx bench so I could shoot some video in the woods for Mirinda.

It was another glorious day. I’m rather glad the rain was during my immobility days.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Splendid!! And it gives us another dog minder option! The Swedish dream continues!

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