Doused in beer

In a remarkable bit of batting, New Zealander, Daryl Mitchell hit a six today at Trent Bridge, which landed in a spectator’s pint of beer. Directly. The spectator, a woman called Susan, said, afterwards that she didn’t have time to react. The New Zealand team bought her two pints to make up for the loss of her beer.

I was listening to the Test Match Special broadcast of the first day of the second test between England and New Zealand when it happened. It was just after the commentators were talking about fish ticking and how to put a shark asleep (turn it upside down) when Mitchell found the target.

Of course, then the talk was focussed on what the umpires were going to do about the ball given it had been doused in beer and was now wet and a bit sticky. There was some disagreement between bowlers and batters as to the preferred resolution.

It beautifully underlined a day during which I managed to have my first extended conversation with a human being in real life. Of course, I Skype Mirinda every day and I chat to the girls constantly but this was a big step forward.

I was talking to Neighbour Dave. I told him about Mirinda and her dad, and he told me that Gail had broken her arm. Again. He also told me that The Shots have lost Lewis Kinsella to a club with more money.

And, of course, I took the girls to the park.

Today I managed to get to the Avenue of Trees where four mounds of wood chippings are waiting to be spread around. At some stage.

We then sat at our usual bench and Emma wore herself out chasing the tennis ball while Freya went investigating. We saw a lot of other dogs, most of which, Freya made friends with. Emma, of course, only had eyes for her ball.

And my fully charged eReader gave me something to do between Emma runs.

I’m starting to feel normal again.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The return of normality – a mirage. I have given up for myself. 2015 was the last normal year.

    But I did take great delight in telling Grae about the sticky beer ball.

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