Freedom day

It was time for the regular meter readings today. I was glad it wasn’t last week when I’d have had to let them go with estimates because of an inability to get down the side of the house. Mind you, getting down for the electric meter under the stairs was a bit of a challenge. And took a few goes.

Still, I managed and submitted the readings.

Obviously, at the moment, the world is having an energy crisis, so it all costs far too much. It makes one want the usage figures to be as accurate as possible. How energy companies are making record profits is a bit suspicious.

In particular, I really wanted to submit them because, since Mirinda left, I haven’t used a lot of electricity or gas. I haven’t even turned a light on. This has nothing to do with Mirinda not being here and more to do with my lack of mobility.

The aches and pains of my ankles and knees, have conspired to early nights and long sleeps. Given the time of year, it’s always light when I retire and just as light when I awake. Who needs electric light?

Then there’s the general lack of cooking. I couldn’t reach the gas hob until a few days ago and I only used the oven for chops and salmon. Mostly I’ve been eating salad. When I have eaten. Early on I didn’t bother with food at all.

Which means I also haven’t used the dishwasher either.

Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what our electricity bill is for this month.

The meter readings were not, however, the highlight of my day. No, today marked the first time I have left the house via the front door for 13 days.

As a bit of a test, I first filled the recycling bin. It took a few trips because I only have one hand (the other gripping my walking stick) so I had to take several bagfuls rather than the entire inside bin. Still, eventually I finished and felt I was ready to go further.

When I picked up the girls’ collars, I thought Emma was going to push me over in her excitement. Freya just ran around like she couldn’t believe what was happening and had to tell the world we were going to the park.

And so we did.

I managed to get to the first bench then had to sit down. Even so, it felt wonderful. The air, the people, the dogs, even the noise. And there was quite a lot of noise from a couple of building projects on nearby homes.

We then spent a glorious hour throwing the ball for Emma while Freya kept constant watch for squirrels and other dogs she could befriend.

I took my eReader which I dipped into whenever Emma needed a break. Unfortunately, my eReader went flat while I was reading, so I was forced to look at my phone instead.

(I can hear Nicktor from here, laughing and saying ‘real’ books don’t go flat!)

We would have stayed out longer but we were starting to be annoyed by Racist Grandad’s new collie. He’s only a puppy, and harmless enough, but he irritates the girls something rotten. Obviously, I couldn’t throw the ball while he was around, so poor Emma was denied any further retrieval until he was out of range.

In the meanwhilst, Racist Grandad was down on the path, miles away from his dog. While the collie is obviously harmless, I’m pretty sure there’d be people not keen on having him running around free as he pleases. He is a bit annoying.

Still, for a first day out into the world, it was glorious. Maybe tomorrow I shall go even further. Baby steps, I know, but essential for both my physical and mental health.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Poor m8e! 13 days!
    And was the meter reading lower? And are the energy companies really making record profits??

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