Shuffling round the kitchen

Today marked my first tentative steps as I attempted to walk around and do some housework. I’d almost run out of dinner plates so, if nothing else, I had to do the washing up. That is pretty difficult from the Improvised Punting Wheelchair. Of course, it was more a walking stick aided shuffle than a walk but, hurrah, I managed it.

The trouble is, the swelling seems to have switched feet. My right foot, clearly jealous of the holiday that it’s left neighbour has been having, figured it only fair. It’s not fair on me. Bastard foot.

When I told Mirinda, I said it might be gout. But, on reflection, it doesn’t feel like gout. It feels like the swollen left foot. But, I didn’t fall on the right foot, and it’s only just started hurting. Damned if I know. My robot legs can’t come quick enough.

Aside from the pain in my feet, I had to instal a major update on the blog software. A whole new WordPress version. That doesn’t happen very often. Just think, if you are reading this today, it’s using a different version to the one you read it on yesterday.

Speaking of the blog, I had a few problems with it because of a WordPress plugin. This happens sometimes when you update one which is buggy and refuses to work with the main software. The trouble is, it completely shuts everything down and the only way to fix it is to go in via the hosting control panel, remove all the plugins from outside of the blog then, go back into the blog and enable the other plugins.

It’s a rigmarole, but at least I’m (sort of) keeping my hand in with that sort of stuff.

Early in the day, I had a chat with Tracey (via Signal). She’s going to the US in December and was asking where we stayed in New York. I explained it was in 2001 and 2011, so things may have changed a lot since then. I then told her about AirBnB and found her some decent accommodation. She was thrilled and downloaded the app and started on a quest.

Accommodation was a big thing for me too, as I booked the final spots for my trip to Sweden. This was possible because Mirinda managed to find someone to take the girls. I quickly leapt onto AirBnB and booked two nights in Amsterdam and two in Copenhagen. Now, my trip is complete. Well, apart from the taking of it.

In further unrelated news, Mitchie, Nathalia and little Arlo are kicking back on a Greek island and I had a clean plate for dinner. Life, eh? Amazing.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    That clean plate won’t be as tasty / think of how the dogs prefer the hippo bath

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