Fearful flapping

While a lot this country was busy having street parties on this, the final day of the jubilee weekend, I was, as usual, rolling around the house in an old office chair. My only company was a couple of dissatisfied cockerpoos. Well, one dissatisfied cockerpoo. The other one was a happy enough passenger.

Of course, as far as Emma was concerned, there was quite a bit of ball retrieval up the hall and across the extension. Nothing in the garden today, though, because it was raining for a lot of it.

Emma also had her first lesson in herding. She didn’t do very well but I’m hoping for bigger things in the future.

Her impromptu lesson came when a wood pigeon decided to fly into the extension.

Unlike the robin, finches and just about every other bird that flies in and straight out again, the pigeons and the doves just flap against the window, ignoring the opening they entered through. In the bird world, they come at the bottom of the intelligence stakes.

Of course, given my current inability to walk and given the fact I was sitting on a dining chair, I was unable to come to the bird’s rescue immediately. Emma looked at me, confused, as if asking me what she could do.

Herd it out, Em,” I helpfully told her as I struggled to get into the Improvised Punting Wheelchair.

Emma approached the bird, tentatively, and gave its tail feathers a sniff. This sent the pigeon into a flurry of flapping which sent Emma running backwards in shock and confusion. She remained at a safe distance and watched.

I should say that Freya slept through everything once I’d transferred her from my lap to the dining chair.

Anyway, eventually I managed to get to the end of the glass panel and started to pull it backwards, opening the door wider. The sudden noise sent the pigeon off, trying to fly through the glass. It kept bouncing off it until I managed to slide the door past it and, it’s final flap, saw it fly off, over my office roof and away.

It was a rare and grand moment of excitement.

The girls needed a laze on the lounge to recover. I assume the pigeon was doing something similar in a tree.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Stupid bird brain!

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