Triggered by the royals

This weekend, all four days of it starting on Thursday, has had a lot of people celebrating QEII and her 70 years on the throne. There has been pretty much wall-to-wall monarchy stuff everywhere one looks. From TV and radio; from food packaging to bunting.

In fact, Mr Sandals et famile, have some union flag bunting up. I can’t see all the way down the road, so I’m not sure who else loves it all and wants everyone to know.

Personally, I’m not a monarchist. I don’t think an accident of birth is any reason to be placed at the highest seat of the land or to be housed, fed and clothed by the masses. It doesn’t bother me that much, though seeing the amount of money thrown at the events does make me wonder why she is more important than people who have to choose between eating and heating during the current energy crisis.

Still, whatever, I really don’t care. And, in fact, I’ve managed to avoid a lot of the nonsense. That is, except for two amazing and wonderful things.

Firstly, there was the amazing aerobatic display by the RAF when 15 RAF Typhoons flew down the Mall making the number ’70’ with their formation. When I originally heard the RAF was going to make the number 70, I figured it was going to be a bit of clever signwriting but, no, this was extraordinary flying and co-ordination to create the number with the planes.

Apologies for the crappy little photo, but it came from an equally crappy phone video, screen shotted and cropped. Still, you get the idea. And, if you look enough, you can find the flight up the Mall on Twitter.

Naturally, the Red Arrows also did their usual amazing stuff with red, white and blue streams of colour streaking across the sky. They are ALWAYS brilliant.

The second amazing and wonderful thing was when the Prime Minster and his wife turned up for the Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s cathedral. He was resoundingly booed.

One would assume that the majority of people who were royalist enough to turn up to cheer the royals, would come from the Tory heartland. Not all, obviously, but a big chunk. So, it’s interesting that so much disapproval has come from this quarter.

Actually, I’m not surprised. Given his statement this week that it was only right for him to say goodbye to a valued staff member on the occasion of their leaving by raising a glass, is it a surprise that there was a sudden flurry of ordinary people asking why, then, they couldn’t say goodbye to loved ones who died at the same time? Perhaps the party faithful have had enough. When things affect them directly, maybe Tory voters can see beyond the blue veil covering their eyes and realise the PM is taking them for the suckers they, undoubtedly, are.

Here’s the Guardian footage and story.

More telling, however, was the live footage from the BBC and the comments by Victoria Derbyshire.

Originally tweeted by Victoria Derbyshire (@vicderbyshire) on June 3, 2022.

Then, to top it off, he was also booed at the Jubilee concert outside Buck House tonight.

What a great time to be alive.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Can’t stand him. And clearly I’m not alone.

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