Hop, hop, hopping along

I got a right telling off from our new resident robin this morning. He hopped across the threshold, looked around for the seed upon which he regularly sups, only to find there was none. He looked up at the three of us lying on the lounge and chirped his disapproval. I’m no robin language authority, but he seemed to be saying “Sort this out, mate!” Emma looked at me, as if to say “Well, I can’t do it!” Freya wasn’t that bothered.

Obviously something had to be done, especially once I realised that the feeder outside was also empty.

I managed to shift myself between the Makeshift Punting Wheelchair inside to a terrace chair outside then lift the Makeshift Punting Wheelchair over the tracks to the outside. After a transfer across I punted out to the edge, taking care for the last few feet.

I then used my punting device (walking stick) to hook the feeder tube and bring it in.

It was all very easy to refill and replace and, of course, to scatter some more seeds for the demanding robin.

Later in the afternoon, the robin returned and happily pecked away. There were no thanks. No indication he was pleased. Nothing. I think our resident robin needs to learn a few manners.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Make sure you don’t punt right off that terrace!!!!!

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