Goosegrass and peonies

As Mirinda jetted her way to Singapore then, eventually, to Oz, I basically had a day off. I didn’t have to buy any groceries and there was no-one to look after so, I just slobbed around. Mind you, I did take the girls to Starbucks.

They really enjoyed the novelty of going out early and also the chance to say hello to lots of dogs I know but they don’t. At Starbucks, Sue fussed over them, enticing them with treats which, oddly, Emma ate but Freya rejected.

Unusually, there were no other dogs in Starbucks while we were there so the girls remained happily unmolested as they sat, good as gold, at my feet under the table.

And, as a special treat, Jade excelled herself with her latte art.

On our return to the house, I managed to pot up a couple of nemesias that Mirinda asked me to do. This entailed removing a load of infected bulbs that were in the pot I was instructed to use, and putting them in the Destructo Bin.

The Destructo Bin, so named by me, is where garden refuse goes that must not mix with the rest of the garden. The stuff is either diseased or just weeds but everything must be eliminated when next the gardeners visit. I assume it gets incinerated.

As well as the bulbs, there is a lot of goosegrass. This year has seen a veritable flood of goosegrass. I think Emma has deposited seeds everywhere, having collected them while in the outside world. It feels awful but at least it’s easy to remove from the garden.

Something that Mirinda will be sad she’s missed (by one day) is the first peonies. They looked stunning in the sunshine today.

There’s plenty more buds so I guess I’ll be sending her regular peony updates.

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2 Responses to Goosegrass and peonies

  1. Mirinda says:

    That pink is astonishing! Fiona would love it. The destruction bin stuff is organic and goes to compost but big professional compost that gets to a much higher heat than a domestic heap and kills tulip fungus and perennial weeds.
    They were as good as gold due to all that scandi training. They’ve been to a lot of restaurants and cafes now!

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