It is rare that I have a complete kitchen fail. That’s not to say that everything I cook is perfect. Far from it. I’m a rather messy cook and things never look as good as their publicity photos. Still, the food is usually good and thoroughly cooked. Then days like today happen.

We were going around to have tea with Sue, probably for the last time at her old house. She had already packed her baking stuff so I said I’d make a cake. Flicking through my Alice in Baking Land, I decided to go with a banana cake. I’ve made it before so figured it would be fine. Boy, was I wrong.

I tested that it was cooked right through using the usually reliable skewer test. The skewer came back dry and so I removed the cake from the oven. After ten minutes, I removed it from the cake tin and placed it on a cooling tray.

Then the centre started to fall. A pool of uncooked banana cake started forming underneath the cooling tray. The entire centre of the cake was liquid. The outside was okay – quite tasty, in fact – but it was a complete disaster. Not for public consumption, my wife announced.

As it turned out, we had to cancel Sue so the cake was abandoned.

Then, later, we went to Pulpo Negro for unexpected tapas.

It almost made me forget about the banana cake.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Well I love Banana cake mixture so it was sort of a success – banana cake filled with warm cake mixture

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