Strange days indeed

At one point today, I walked out of my office, to tell Mirinda something. The sky was blue and there was a slight, happy breeze. It was the kind of perfect we’ve been experiencing lately. Then, as I walked into the house, the heavens opened up and a sudden torrent of rain fell upon the world outside.

I could have gone back outside I suppose but the prospect did not fill me with much in the way of joy.

This sort of weird weather continued for most of the day. There would be a bit of blue then grey, sometimes thunder, then torrential rain. And then more blue. The oddest thing, though, was that there wasn’t a lot of wind.

The good news was that Mirinda managed to take the dogs to the park between showers and the garden enjoyed the thorough watering.

The garden looks even more lush in the opposite direction.

While I took both photographs during a bit of sunshine, it was still raining. How very British.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It looks very lush – and that’ll be that combo of rain and sun!

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