We’re all the same underneath

How well I remember when Dr Dawn was doing her Masters and wasn’t too certain about things and would demur to other people she figured knew more than she did. Even me, which certainly wasn’t the case. Then tonight, she gave a talk on prehistoric burials with four or five references to Midhurst which we thoroughly enjoyed, proving how erudite and knowledgeable she is.

She really was excellent tonight. She knew her subject thoroughly and didn’t need to read from notes, she wasn’t boring, she made us laugh. These are the secrets of the perfect talk.

It was a very pleasant end to a rather hectic day.

Because, today was the day the tree guys came to trim the hazel, beech and birch between us and Neighbour Dave. The trees have gone a bit mad since I originally organised them to come.

I’d been told they’d arrive mid-morning which, though not an exact measurement, I’d say was about 10am. I had a Talking Newspaper session but figured I’d be fine. Then they turned up at midday.

I managed to complete the clippings and the running script and sent them off but I had to warn Tim (engineer) that I might be late for the recording given the chainsaw making all manner of hellish noise right outside my office.

Then, as if by some magical coincidence, they finished at just gone 2pm and were leaving at 2:25pm. I was ready to record, right on time, at 2:30pm. And, not only did they finish at the exact right time, they also did a magnificent job.

And the recording went very well.

I had Janet as a reader on only her second outing. Her first was with Ann. I warned her before we started that my sessions were somewhat more chaotic than Ann’s, so it was good she had her first. And she was excellent. Very confident, confident with the chat and funny when appropriate. I do wonder how she’ll go with Clive.

Janet is a fantastic addition to the remote team. I look forward to our next session together.

To be fair, I’m also looking forward to Dr Dawn’s next talk. I should thank her, really because I stole the title of this post from her. It’s how she ended her talk. I figure, since she stole it from an Egyptian who was admiring her bones in Brighton that it was okay for me to steal it from her.

The Egyptian, looking at the bones on Dawn’s table, felt that, basically, we’re all the same. And who am I to argue with that?

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