Pig Trotters

Today was a Talking Newspaper day. It has also rained all day. There’s really no link between the two. It just meant I ended up damp.

The paper had an odd number of stories with mentions of pigs today. Naturally I played this up, making sure I found as many laughs as possible. I had one story about a charity that is going to raffle a load of giant Easter eggs. The piece had nothing about pigs, just charity, chocolate eggs and fluffy toy dogs. I managed to finish it by saying, “…and sadly, there’s no pigs.” The woman sitting next me, preparing to read next, sputtered all over her microphone.

I wasn’t the only one, either. Rosemary, sitting to my right, started her next story by saying how many pig references there were today. She then read a piece about a poor, early cuckoo which probably wouldn’t see out the spring.

Anyway, the main pig reference was in a story about the upcoming Surrey County Show. Among the various events was pig racing. I ended the piece by saying I was definitely up for that. When I told Mirinda, she put the date in her diary straight away. How could you resist?

I was so excited that I bought some bacon to have over my jacket potato tonight. Delicious.

And, especially for Claire, here’s a photo of the chest of drawers. I stood on the bed to take it and squished my head against the ceiling.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

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2 Responses to Pig Trotters

  1. claire says:

    Gary , That is the most charming chest of drawers.Mirinda has good taste. Thank you for the photo. There is a new breed of pigs they are very small about seven kilos a lot of people have them as house pets and they are irresistable. Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    What a great son in law you are getting your head squished.
    It is very nice. Dont get a pet pig dont care how small they are.
    Can just see you all trying to read and not to laugh.
    love mum

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