Jade’s bottom

Our new neighbours across the street have an annoying habit of leaving their lights on. All night. The front porch light is bad enough, but they’ve also taken to leaving the garage light on as well. It wouldn’t be so bad except that the garage door has windows and they face directly opposite our front door. Which also has glass panels in it.

They don’t use the garage for either of their cars, so I do wonder what’s in there that needs illumination all night. It’s almost as bad as the builders back in Vendelsö.

And, speaking of crazy neighbours, apparently Mr Crazy next door is actually a genius. Or so says Gail. I have seen no evidence of it. In fact, for a genius, it’s odd that he always puts his kitchen scraps bin on top of the wheelie bin for the rubbish collection every week.

I’m sure the collectors find it annoying – the kitchen scraps are collected after the wheelie bin – though they merely take it off and put it where it should be. On the footpath behind the wheelie bin.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter a jot but I do wonder why he hasn’t worked it out when he is, supposedly, so clever.

For another form of crazy, I was chatting to Jade this morning at Starbucks. She was off on the lash tonight with a neighbour friend. I told her to have a good time, or to at least remember it. She said she never forgot her big nights out, sometimes not for the best. She then told me that her mother tended to forget.

Her mother does get quite drunk, apparently. At Jade’s wedding, for instance, her mother was, quite literally, dancing on the tables. As Mirinda said, that’s no mean feat when you’re drunk. When Jade quizzed her mum about it, her mum denied it ever happened.

I think that’s a bit of selective memory loss, if you ask me.

As for the title of this post…when Jade made my latte, her latte art was, as she said, either a blob or a bum.

Years ago, when I was a regular Blipper, I started a series called Friday Bottoms. I think this little beauty would have made an appearance.

Thanks, Jade.

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