Being entertained in Bromley

The Bricklayer’s Arms in Bromley is a lovely pub. Okay, some of the staff seemed a bit confused but then again, that could have been because Nicktor will insist on asking tricky gluten related questions. Then, of course, there was the strange woman who asked me if I had a dippy egg, which I did have, demonstrated by dipping a chip in it. She then told me she didn’t like a dippy egg. How, I asked Nicktor, could you not like a dippy egg, particularly when you had something to dip? He just made a note to possibly include this strange interlude in Slab Life 3.

The reason we were in The Bricklayer’s Arms was because we were going to watch Aldershot play Bromley in my final away game of the season. I feared the worse but, fortunately, the company and the chance to hug an Edward VIII postbox more than prepared me for the possibility of yet another dismal night of football.

We arrived at the car park in time to see a few of the players get out of their cars, watched over carefully by Heather. I was very pleased that the car park was right outside the gate to the ground. It makes such a difference to my legs when we don’t have to walk 15 miles after standing on concrete for a few hours.

Of course, we did have to walk to the pub but it wasn’t very far.

And the ham, eggs and chips were well worth the walk. I was especially impressed with the quality of the hand cut ham. And the Whitstable Bay Blonde lager which was very tasty indeed.

But, of course, we eventually had to head off for the ground.

Terry, an old friend of Nicktor met us on the terraces and the two of them reminisced over old times and old friends. I met Terry way back in 2013 when we went to an away game at Welling. Apparently, I met him again in 2016, at Bill’s funeral but, rereading both entries, I forgot to mention him.

I felt a bit sorry for him coming to an Aldershot game the way we’re playing this season but, as if he brought us a bit of luck, Aldershot played a very entertaining game. It was something I’d long given up hope of ever seeing again. There was a real desire about the team, a lot of linked up play and a magnificent goal late on. Okay, Bromley equalised after a long period of sustained attack but, when all is said and done, both teams played equally well. I’m always happiest when the game is entertaining, and this one was just that.

I wasn’t that happy with the, so-called, fans’ abuse every time something happened that they didn’t understand, something I’ve heard a lot more of this season, given I’ve watched a lot more games away. At the Rec, the Slab tends to be a bit more civilised. When you mix with the lesser fans, the language and level of support is sadly a bit off.

In fact, there were two young women standing in front of me who were not that enthused with the guy they were with when he kept abusing the linesman for no reason other than he was the linesman.

Still, that irritation quickly dispersed and we left the ground buoyed by the excellent performance of a recently uninspiring team.

Here’s a link to the match report.

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