There is no vaccine for war

As my groceries were being checked out in Waitrose, a young chap was fretting. He was concerned about the forthcoming war between Russia and Ukraine. He seemed to be worried that he’d be ‘called up’. I should add that he fretted from behind a mask.

I wanted to say that, if he was that concerned then he should ditch the mask, stop working and go out and enjoy himself before it happened. But I didn’t. I know how people like to wallow in despair sometimes. What I did say was that there is no vaccine for war.

There was silence from both the young chap and the woman on the check-out as this sunk in. They then nodded and agreed with me. We then discussed the fact that Russian money is what props up the Conservative party in the UK and how Britain isn’t Britain any more.

Apparently there’s “nothing wrong” with £2 million worth of Russian donations, at least as far as James Cleverly said on LBC radio. Presumably, he sees them giving money to the Tories as a selfless act of generosity, with absolutely no strings attached. Still, I do wonder why he isn’t just condemning Russia for wanting to recreate the Soviet Union.

Which makes me wonder why Russians want it so badly when it was so awful. I can only assume they prefer long queues for very little food and living in constant fear of their own people.

It’s therefore interesting how the world goes mad to protect itself against the virus, but then kills each other for no reason at all. Well, apart from one man’s megalomania. I honestly believe that the human race doesn’t deserve to survive.

In other news, this arrived today ahead of my impending trip to Wrexham.

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