Not one for guests

We have decided that on veggie days, we should have lunch as well as dinner. In other words, two meals. The reason is because of a general lack of protein. So, today I made a double batch of delicious leek and celeriac soup.

It’s one of Sabrina Ghayour‘s recipes and is excellent. I’ve tried it before and it will become a regular meal at Chez Gaz. Maybe even for guests as a first course.

That is possibly not the case with what I made for dinner.

Sabrina’s carrot, halloumi and dill balls looked a lot like falafel. Crisp and brown on the outside and, seemingly, very tasty on the inside. I had to swap a few ingredients to make them lo-carb compliant but, given this was a first time, I stuck to the recipe.

Grated carrot, grated halloumi, chopped dill, some spices, all squished together with an egg to bind. Then rolled into tablespoon sized balls and dropped into oil to sizzle and brown. Except they didn’t brown. Or remain as balls. There was plenty of sizzling though.

The two ingredients I swapped out were plain flour and vegetable oil. Instead, I used coconut flour and groundnut oil. I can’t see how that would make a lot of difference. Still, it did. After I’d fished out the few almost balls, I was left with a saucepan full of carrot mush.

Still, it tasted fine, just not as I’d imagined it would.

Not one for guests,” Mirinda said from the other side of the table.

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