Charlie goes a bit surreal

To be honest, I reckon that the Aldershot Town Football Club team got a bit over excited tonight. It may have been following the draw they took away from Chesterfield on Saturday. That may have made them a bit more confident than usual. Whatever it was, after 5 minutes of tonight’s game against Southend, they were already one goal up with everything to play for.

Except they didn’t.

The goal was excellent – possibly one of the best I’ve seen – but it came out of nowhere, shocking everyone, fan and player alike. Then, rather than keep it up and scoring a few more, the Shots seemed to be a tad dazed and confused. They gave away possession constantly, they hoofed it or passed it to the wrong players; they generally started playing like they had at the beginning of the season. Awful.

A clear indication of the team’s performance can always be gauged by Charlie’s involvement. When they are playing well, you only ever hear the occasional “Come on, Shots!” Tonight, however, he was getting increasingly vehement in his admonition of the team. At one point, frustrated beyond measure, he even resorted to calling them ‘twats’.

Charlie can be, what can only be described as, an accidental comedian. He often yells things out which has the Slab in stitches. He obviously enjoys the fact that he inadvertently causes such amusement.

Tonight, he was on top form but then went a bit surreal.

Miserable Roy, it seems, has started drinking excessively. Andy reported back after half time that he was looking a little worse for wear. Roy watches from the North Stand but goes and sits near the fan memorials during the break. Anyway, not to mince my words, he was clearly pissed.

At one point during the second half, Charlie wondered if someone could get Roy to projectile vomit from his place in the stand, onto a Southend player if he came near. Nicktor suggested that this might just call for the game to be cancelled. Given the distance between Roy and the edge of the pitch, I’d say it would also likely be a call to the Guinness Book of Records.

I should say that while our attacking and general control of the ball was non-existent, we were much better in defence. Well, until the 87th minute of the game when Southend managed the inevitable and equalised. I was surprised it took so long, but it was rather poetic to end as it had begun.

Still, while the game was a bit frustrating, the company certainly wasn’t. It was another totally enjoyable night at the Rec. James and his mate Joe joined us, contributing to a more crowded than usual Slab.

I should add that where Charlie heard that I was moving to Sweden is a bit of a mystery. Nicktor claims he hasn’t told him.

For a full, Aldershot written match report, click here. Having read it, it was as if I was at another game entirely.

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