Covid went and killed the radio star

Meatloaf died today aged 74. The biggest surprise to me was the fact that he was 74. Mind you, the fact that he was an anti-vaxxer was also a surprise. Not for any reason, mind, just because I didn’t know. And why should I? Or, in fact, why should I care?

Apparently, a lot of people on Twitter care. They have suddenly stopped enjoying his songs, his act, his entire existence. They want to erase him from their musical history lives. All because he had a choice and didn’t choose the same one as they did. Weird, isn’t it.

I know people are frightened and this makes them do odd things but, to my mind, I’d rather remember Meatloaf for his music and things like this:

That to me is a real indication of the man rather than if he wanted to have the vaccine or not. I don’t buy into the whole get vaccinated to save other people nonsense, particularly given how people can still get and carry Covid even after vaccination. As I understand it, being vaccinated protects you by lessening the effects. If you then get it, you are more likely to survive.

For the people who are not vaccinated, they get the full strength Covid and, obviously, it kills them. Like Meatloaf. In effect, you pays your money, you takes your choice. And that’s exactly what he did.

Anyway, trying to remove him from your cultural memory is stupid.

Though, not as stupid as people who don’t know how to sit on a park bench.

Prick of the week

This is not some mindless, sulky teenager trying to impress teenage girls by defying authority. No, it’s a man with muddy shoes, making the bench useless for anyone who knows how to use it properly. As a race, we have thousands of years of sitting experience, and this is how he sits on a bench.

What a total, inconsiderate, thoughtless, prick

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