Excitement for lunch

I had a very exciting meeting with Biggsy and Nicktor today in the 6 Bells. It was an unexpected lunch meeting. They were off to watch the Aldershot v Bromley game and Nicktor suggested I should join them. Given the pub is about five minutes up the lane, how could I refuse? I wasn’t going to the football though.

Of course, lunch was full of silly talk which was jotted down in Nicktor’s little notebook; fodder for his third Slab Life volume. One thing I contributed had Biggsy suddenly suggest it would make a great movie.

The movie idea soon turned into a four part series that we could pitch to Netflix. Apparently, Biggsy has ‘contacts’.

We threw lots of ideas around which, obviously, I’m not about to elucidate on, here. Anyway, as I said, it got me all excited. To the extent that when I returned home to an empty house (Mirinda had taken the girls to Thursley) I started researching the idea a bit more and laying some groundwork. I’ll have to find out what I have to do to create a treatment.

In the meanwhilst, we also talked a lot of very enjoyable nonsense and ate an equally enjoyable plate of ham, eggs and chips each. Oh, and I drank a few pints of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

Later, as I searched out more gold nuggets for the series, I noticed that the Not Often Mighty Shots lost 0-2 to Bromley. Nicktor clarified it with a text to me late on: “We were shite today.” So, rather glad I missed it, to be honest.

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