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Mirinda loves the Arts and Crafts movement. She loves it to such an extent that she keeps acquiring antique furniture. There’s her guitar ladder back chair. She sits on it while playing her guitar rather than it’s for the guitar to sit on.

There’s the chest of drawers from hell. It took an age to get it upstairs when it arrived. The guy who delivered it and I, both sweated buckets heaving it and shoving it. Eventually we had to remove the window frame from the bedroom, attach a block and tackle to the chimney and lever it in that way. It was a horrendous delivery and, boy did he earn his paltry wages that day! It is so big that everything in the bedroom can fit in it. Including the bed. In fact, we now use the chest of drawers as the bedroom since there is very little room in the actual room.

Then, a few weeks ago (actually it was some time before Christmas) she ordered three pieces. A bookcase, a small table and a hanging shelf thing. These were all for beside the bed and replaced the ghastly white bookcase and the little blue knick knack cupboard. Bearing a more than slight resemblance to Pa Kettle, I hadn’t put the hanging shelf thing up on the wall. I remedied this yesterday.

So…blue cupboard down, new shelf thing up, blue cupboard now in lounge.

Because I knew everyone would be dying to see it all, I have taken the photograph below. Ignore the hoopi birds, they are just nesting before flying into Mirinda’s study…as soon as I put a shelf up in there…

Arts & Crafts in the Bedroom

Arts & Crafts in the Bedroom

I would love to take a photo of the chest of drawers but it is quite simply, impossible.

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3 Responses to Arty Crafty

  1. claire says:

    The bookcase,small table and hangingshelf thing all look great. did the chimney fall down?What is behind the leadlite door? Weould like to see a photo of the chest of drawers in relation to the other furniture in the bedroom. You have a very charming house .Claire

  2. admin says:

    I shall attempt to take a photo of the bookcase tomorrow. I may have to go over the road and use a wide angle lens.

    Behind the lead light door are a couple of tea cups and saucers.


  3. Mum Cook says:

    I say ditto to what Claire said plus have you any room left in your house. love mum


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