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I had to stay in today in order to take delivery of my new laptop. Amazon has this procedure for high value items. They send the customer a one time password, which you have to read out to the driver before he hands the parcel over. I’m not sure what happens if you’re not home. Presumably they don’t deliver it.

I didn’t find out because I was at home when the driver arrived and I took possession of a lovely new Dell. And, of course, it took me hours to get it up and running the way I like it.

And the rest.

While I was waiting for the driver, I took down all the Christmas lights. It was raining, but not a lot, so I only managed to get damp rather than drenched. Of course, it didn’t take very long, and I soon had the many strings of lights spread out on the extension floor, drying out like so much freshly gathered seaweed.

I’ll tackle the tree tomorrow and, hopefully, by the beginning of the week, we shall be festive free.

After such an industrious morning, we decided it was a worthy reward to have lunch at The Holly Bush.

I had the Camembert with maple syrup which was excellent, followed by the haddock chowder which was lovely. Mirinda had the salt and pepper squid which is always superb and the steak. All washed down with beer and rioja. The best kind of Saturday lunch.

The place was pretty busy and the girls were treated to a bit of a fuss by an older couple sitting behind us with their family – it was their son’s birthday.

Back at home, I returned to setting up the laptop and Mirinda worked in the library.

There was no need for food so, having finished the laptop as far as I could at the dining table, we settled down in front of the TV for our new Saturday ritual of watching a movie. And this week, it was Marie Antoinette, written and directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Kirsten Dunst.

What an amazing film. We saw snippets of it when we visited Paris with Bob in 2019 and went to an exhibition in the Conciergerie. I’ve wanted to see it ever since and, only this week, it arrived on Netflix. It would be fair to say that I absolutely loved it.

Another thing I loved was the fact that Mops, the dog, won the Palm Dog Award at the Cannes Film Festival…which was great given the fact that [SPOILER ALERT] she had to stay behind when Marie went to France.

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