Freya and the blog title stakes

Mirinda attended the second college graduation day this morning. This time, for Escape. She left home at 06:30. This week, the graduation was at the Mermaid, London, which is at Puddle Dock. She didn’t get home until after 20:30 having had a good time. Or so her staggering seemed to imply.

Puddle Dock, which appears to have nothing to do with Beatrix Potter, was filled in at some stage, but it was still there in 1920 when Charles White wrote that the dock

 … is a square opening in the river bank, between two blocks of warehouses, a place where the dark, drift-strewn waters of the Thames flow right up to the streets of the City.

The Mermaid, which is no longer a theatre, was opened in 1959, built during one of the redevelopments of the area around Blackfriars. It’s now a conference centre.

I didn’t go to this one, instead, I was busy at home. It marked the first time I’ve been at home on my own for an entire day for yonks.

I was looking forward to taking the girls to the park, but the weather had other ideas. Storm Barra dumped gallons of rain on us all day. It was a good day to be inside. In turn, it was a good day to play ‘throw the ball up the extension’ with Emma.

As you can see from the photo above, Emma thinks she can move things with her mind.

So, as well as other, more administrative things, I finally worked out how to create a list of all my blog post titles. As of today, the list has 4,773 entries. There are a few doubles but, generally speaking, there’s a lot of variety. I rather like the ones with similar beginnings. For instance (entries 4,372-4,383):

  • Unexpected and pleasant Volish visit
  • Unexpected brass – non-existent jazz
  • Unexpected cricket ticket
  • Unexpected favourite band
  • Unexpected gig
  • Unexpected journey
  • Unexpected joy
  • Unexpected lunch
  • Unexpected pleasures
  • Unexpected red balloon…
  • Unexpected return to Venice
  • Unexpected Wednesday roast

A lot of my entries have quite original titles. Some are overheard and intriguing, others are more descriptive or are from sign posts I liked. However, my inventiveness clearly goes out of the window when I’m not feeling too well, as this list proves (entries 3,435-3,443):

  • Sick
  • Sick
  • Sick
  • Sick
  • Sick City
  • Sick continued
  • Sick up and fed
  • Sick, sick, sick
  • Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick…

In the cockerpoo stakes, Emma is clearly ahead. She has 16 entries that start with her name while Freya has only eight. I’ll have to try and close that gap.

Speaking of which…while Emma spent a goodly chunk of the day chasing a tennis ball, Freya imperiously watched.

I also sorted out Mirinda’s work Mac.

A rather productive day all round, I’d say.

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