On the accuracy of shepherds

Tonight, at a WFA webinar, I found out about British Army tanks during the German Spring Offensive of 1918. It reminded me of the time Nigel told us about his visit to the Tank Museum. Nigel made it sound very boring. In terms of tanks, he was right. Though I should add that I am not saying the Tank Museum is boring! Rather, that Nigel’s delivery made it sound boring.

To be fair, though, while I learned very little from Nigel, tonight, I learned about the difference between the Mark IV tanks and the whippets – mostly speed though reliability was a problem as well – and how many were in a Tank Company (12). I learned about ‘splash’ which is how soldiers described the tiny fragments of metal chipped off and flying around inside a tank when it’s hit on the outside. Splash is mostly harmless though it does tend to pepper you with metal. I learned about Battlefield Drizzle which is what soldiers called the indiscriminate shelling in battle rather than direct targetting.

But mostly I learned that not all WFA webinars are interesting. Conversely, here’s an interesting webpage that tells all about the tank corps in WWI.

Fortunately, the rest of the day had been better. The sunrise, especially, was beautiful as I approached Park Road. Mind you, I’m not sure the shepherds would have been so pleased.

And the shepherds would have been right. Once I’d returned from the shops, the rain started and pretty much stuck around for the rest of the day. Of course, that made hanging the Christmas decorations completely unappealing and, therefore, not hung.

Then, late in the day, I realised I’d forgotten to buy any yoghurt. Normally, I’d have done without it, but I also had to visit the post office so decided to go into Farnham. Again. This time I was given a lift as Mirinda wanted to go to Hamilton’s.

The rain had also stopped, which meant there was a lovely rainbow arch to walk under on the way home. I had to use the wide-angle function on my phone so the photo is a bit odd but, it was very clear and bright in real life.

We did get a bit more rain but, for my trip back from Farnham, I was dry, walking beneath blue sky and sunshine. And a rainbow arch.

In fact, the shepherds should be happier because the sunset was delightful.

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