Fussy cockerpoo

Mirinda had a three hour meeting this afternoon and it was my job to keep the girls quiet. Emma has a habit of suddenly bursting into high pitched and irritating barking and that’s not conducive to a happy meeting. She really only does it from the window sill in the library which, unfortunately, is where Mirinda has her online meetings.

So, I set myself up in my office. I started off with the door open because Emma likes being able to wander in and out. Freya isn’t that bothered as long as she can sit on the chair next to me. Or behind me. But, as the temperature fell with the oncoming darkness, I was forced to shut the door and put the heater on.

After a few recriminating looks from Emma at having her freedom curtailed, she finally decided to curl up on my lap. The thing is, she is quite happy to curl up on my lap when I cross my right leg over my left. This means she can rest her chin on the corner of my laptop.

Of course, sometimes my leg goes to sleep and I have to change the cross. This means she leaps off, completely dissatisfied with my choice of leg.

Once I switch back, she’s happy to jump up and curl up again.

This happened a number of times during the three hours today. Apart from the stare I get when she jumps off, it doesn’t seem to bother Emma. Well, not that much. At the end of the three hour imprisonment, she was out of the door almost before I opened it.

I had to get back into the house by 5:30 because I made the Messina lamb for dinner tonight. It takes almost two hours.

Speaking of Italy, I was chatting to the checkout operator from Piedmont again this morning. She remembered me and said it didn’t feel like a week since we’d last talked. As she scanned my groceries she asked what I was making. I told her I was cooking Sicilian and then told her all about it.

She said it sounded fantastic. I told her it was a Locatelli recipe; simple and very tasty. She said I’d have to make sure I used her check out next week so I could tell her all about it.

On the walk home, the weather was a bit threatening, but the threat amounted to nothing. It was just a bit gloomy.

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