Faith will only get you so far, apparently

I would just like to say that the Farnham Youth Choir is amazing. We sat and were mesmerised by them tonight at St Andrews. We were there for the annual Civic Christmas Carol Service, a very popular Farnham event. It’s so popular, you have to enter a ballot to get tickets. I entered and managed to secure a couple of chairs. Religious nonsense to one side, it was an excellent night of beautiful singing. Obviously, a lot of people would say it was because of God, but I think it was because the kids have such lovely voices.

Normally, we would have walked into town but, because I’d already walked in and out twice during the day, we thought we’d take Max. Okay, Max had already been out (to Frensham) but he doesn’t really get affected by over exercise.

Both of my walks into town were accidentally during periods of brilliant sunshine. This was fortunate because the rest of the day was either grey or, for one brief period late on, pouring with rain.

The reason I had to go into town a second time today, was because I had to post some very important documents off for a remortgage. Naturally, that meant two visits to Starbucks. I also took the opportunity to collect a book from Waterstones.

The second trip also meant I ran into Neighbour Dave. He told me about Gail’s mum. She had a stroke a couple of nights ago and was taken to the hospital. She has a blood clot but doesn’t want any invasive surgery. She said that, given she’s 94, she’s ready to die. I’m not being harsh, that is what she said.

By a strange quirk of timing, Gail’s sister just arrived from Australia. By another quirk, we have returned to the ten days isolating thing because of the new virus variant, so she’ll not be able to see her mum for a bit.

These things are always difficult, but it’s particularly cruel when you are forbidden from seeing someone close that you will probably never see again. Maybe she believes in God, Jesus and eternal life on a cloud, somewhere in the sky.

Belief, apparently, makes things easier. Though it won’t help against the virus. No, for that, the only thing is masks and righteous indignation. There were lots of masks at the carol service tonight. I guess God is powerless against the disease he created.

While the masks looked awful (and muffled the carol singing somewhat) St Andrews looked lovely.

And, as I said, the choir was fantastic. And, given that’s really why we went, the night was lovely. Mind you, the sea cadet who read from Luke could have done with losing the pointless face shield. You couldn’t hear anything she said. Being nervous didn’t help. If I had to give notes, I’d suggest she stopped public speaking.

The mayor was almost as bad. He also wore a face shield. You’d think a mayor would know the pointlessness of wearing a face shield. At least we could hear him.

The always entertaining Rev David Uffindell fortunately removed his mask in order to talk.

At the end, given they weren’t serving any refreshments (covid again) we wandered up to The Wheatsheaf for some libation before heading home to the girls.

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