The woman from Piedmont

I was chatting to the woman on the check out in Waitrose this morning. As she scanned a block (or two) of Charmer, she said how much she and her son loved the Charmer. I agreed saying my wife loved it. I asked her if she’d had it on toast but she shook her head saying it never got as far as the bread. They ate it straight.

I then showed her the Kaltbach truffle cheese, suggesting she might try that. She then explained that she was from Piedmont in Italy and grew up eating truffles in everything. I said she must have thought food was pretty dull when she left. She laughed and nodded her head. She still loves the truffle.

But the day wasn’t full of light and delightful chats about cheese. There was also this prick who decided he was more important than virtually everyone who walks down the lane.

And, after all, isn’t it far more important that this guy could get as close as possible to whatever job he was doing? Does it matter that anyone with a stroller or in a wheelchair or struggling with multiple squirming children, would have to walk something like four times as far in order to avoid this lane? Clearly, this guy is way more important than almost everyone who uses this footpath.

But, ignoring the Prick of the Week above, my morning was made extra special by Sandra who prepared a perfect latte for me. Life is good. Life is coffee.

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