When boobs go wild

I have decided to relate the story that Natalie told us in the bar yesterday. It’s just too good to not write down. Of course, I will omit anything that could indicate anything about the person involved. Well, apart from the fact that she had at least one breast.

In a previous job, Natalie worked in HR. She was chairing a meeting which included presentations. A 19 year old stood up to give her presentation. So far, so normal.

The young woman started gesticulating and getting a bit more excited than one would expect from an HR presentation.

She was wearing a halter neck top and, it turned out, no bra. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Apart from a certain degree of security, it would seem.

During one of her wild arm movements, her right boob popped out. She was completely unaware of this wardrobe malfunction. I can only assume she was far too wrapped up in her subject to notice something so, dare I say, trivial.

Obviously, everyone else in the room noticed. I defy anyone NOT to notice this sort of thing happening. And they were all a bit embarrassed, as you’d imagine. Natalie was especially concerned, wondering what she could do to help.

Anyway, Natalie was relieved when the woman finally sat down, mainly because the boob, seemingly with a mind of its own, popped back into the halter neck top as if nothing had happened.

Natalie’s question to us all was: “Would you have told her, afterwards?” The answer, from all of us, after our laughter died down, was no, we wouldn’t have. After all, there was nothing that could be done apart from embarrassing her and making her feel uncomfortable around the people she worked with.

I said it was an excellent anecdote and Natalie was very lucky.

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