A question of cost analysis

I was originally going to stand on the Slab tonight, joining Nicktor and the other Old Slabbers, half heartedly cheering on the Shots while Charlie regaled us with some strange programme he’d found in the depths of the Channel 5 schedule. But, having very recently discovered that Mirinda is going to London tomorrow for the graduation ceremony and I said I’d go with her, I figured it would be best if I missed tonight’s game.

I stole the photo above from Nicktor’s Twitter account. That’s Charlie to the right. He looks hopeful to me. Aldershot actually won last weekend so maybe he was expecting a rerun tonight. My phone told me, the game was 0-0 up by the 80th minute.

Anyway, I wasn’t there, so I can’t really comment. Besides, I’m off to King’s Lynn with Nicktor on Saturday and that’ll be more than enough football for this week.

What I was doing today was something I’ve been unable to do for a bit. I managed to clear the terrace of leaves.

Obviously the gout has gone. My knee is still a bit tender but that’s leftover wrong walking. The uric crystals have been dissolved to wherever uric crystals wind up. As for me, I filled barrow after barrow, wheeled them up to the back and filled the leaf trap to overflowing.

I also fixed one of the steps up the back because it was seesawing on a tree root. This was annoying me every time I walked on it. So I fixed it.

The rest of the day was spent doing admin of one sort or another. It was also spent finishing off my One Month Spreadsheet where I’m tracking everything we spend mostly on food. It allows me to work out if it was more expensive in Sweden than here. Turns out, it’s actually cheaper in Sweden.

Mirinda was in big meetings all day but she did manage a healthy slab of time off in the middle of the day so we grabbed the opportunity to take the girls up the Avenue of Trees.

It was such a beautiful day and lots of people had the same idea as us. We saw lots of dogs and many happy, happy people.

Probably as happy as the people on the Slab tonight because they won. The Shots won. Again. They beat Torquay United 1-0. That’s our fourth win this season. Out of 16 games. Go the Mighty Shots.

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