Final holi-day

Morning was a cacophony of cars, trucks, motorbikes. I’d forgotten St Malo is like this. We packed, had breakfast, then took a taxi to be at the ferry port by 9:45. Then the wait for the cars to board. Oddly, there was no baggage check. The bus came three times for the handful of foot passengers.

The people queuing are crazy. What is the point of rushing to be first on the bus when it means you’ll be last off it at the other end at the ferry? And they sit down! The entire trip is about three minutes but the mad scramble for the seats is like it’s three hours. As we waited for the bus, the waiting room (passenger lounge 2) had a line of people through it all queued and standing. Most of the rest of the room (with lots of chairs) remained unused. Mad.

There was the usual scramble on board the ferry with people heading straight for the Express Breakfast. We eventually found our reclining chairs – separated by an aisle – and reclined. The ferry left late.

A pretty uneventful trip back – we read most of the way. We found our taxi driver and were home in time for tea – Kelly had bathed the dogs and tidied the house and destroyed all evidence of unhealthy food.

We had a wonderful holiday and took full advantage of having the car. It meant we could see so much more. Next time we’re thinking of branching out into another region of France…though Brittany is wonderful and could prove difficult to escape…

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