In the Autumn-ish garden

Ages ago, we had a compost bin set up near the greenhouse. It was perfectly placed for me to empty the kitchen scraps in and, I thought, it was well hidden behind a rather sizeable bush in The Former Residence of Xun Ma. Mirinda thought otherwise. She decided the compost bin should go behind the greenhouse, in the working area. Which doesn’t have a name. Well, apart from The Working Area.

She had the gardeners move the compost bin to the new location.

All was well for quite a while. Then, Mirinda suggested that we get a new compost bin because the old one was rotting away. I ordered one and it turned up yesterday, just in time for the gardeners to assemble. And, guess what?

The above position is pretty close to where it was originally set up. Which, of course, means it’s once more easy for me to dump my kitchen scraps.

Today also marked the first time I’ve seen the gardeners since our return from Sweden. Dave the Gardener was overjoyed. According to Mirinda, he asks after me every time they come. She reckons that, while he likes her, he’s in love with me.

We had a long chat about Brexit, Prince Willie (as he calls him) and Al Jazeera, where he gets all his news. Robert, his fellow gardener, was somewhat mystified but, I like to think, entertained.

As well as the compost bin, they did a lot of weeding and cleaning up down Carmen’s Sweet Escape.

And, of course, they cut the grass.

While we were in Sweden, one of our house minders used the grass for Pilates. I often wonder how she could have done it, given the general state of the grass. Then the gardeners cut it and I realise it actually does look quite attractive.

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