It’s always the penultimate cut

We’ve been hanging on and hanging on but, finally, with holes big enough for rocks to fall through and a punctured tyre that just makes things ever so ridiculous, we decided it was time for change. And my sheet metal skills came in very handy because I had to reduce an old, rusty and useless wheelbarrow to small enough pieces to fit into Max.

That started after the new one arrived in a big box. After I put it together, it looked like this. The wheelbarrow, not the big box.

Of course, at first, I tried the more conventional course by attempting to loosen the nuts and bolts. That got the wheel off. The rest of the connections were rustier than the Titanic.

Time for the WD40.

WD40 is excellent and will do many, many things. Today, it did nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. It made everything oily and slippery.

Time for the hacksaw.

I needed to make four cuts. The blade snapped after three. This is one of those really annoying things that often happens. It’s always the penultimate cut.

I sat on a log and despaired. I then went and checked to see if I had any spare blades. I did. I packed up my despair, attached a new blade and finished the hack job on the dead barrow.

An excellent few hours work.

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