We’ve reached maximum pizza

One of the things that our house minders left at the house, hidden away deep in one of my kitchen pan drawers, was a pizza tray. I’ve never had one so, unless it arrived by magic, it has to have been left by them. Given this joyful boon, I made a pizza tonight.

Of course, it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill carbi pizza. I knocked up a keto pizza base consisting primarily of cheese, eggs, and a few herbs and spices. The recipe (which I’ve tried before in 2019 and once during Lockdown last year) is American, so it needs a few tweaks, but I’m not frightened of slapping my own stamp on things.

The previous times I made it, I just used baking paper, but the pan made it easier to turn over.

Apart from it needing a little bit longer in the oven, it turned out delicious.

Possibly I overdid the toppings. Both of us were too full to have cheese and herring afterwards. And that’s even after three days of OMADs.

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