Posture at the keyboard

The chair in my office has stopped going up. This means sitting very low down and reaching up for my keyboard. Not an ideal situation. Add to that the fact that, today I spent a lot of time sitting and working in my office and, by the early afternoon, my back was aching. I learned the importance of posture at the keyboard many years ago. It was just one of the general lessons to prevent long-term injury that I was taught early in my IT career.

I told Mirinda, thinking she’d suggest I get a new chair. To my surprise, she came up with an excellent, cheaper solution.

Mirinda sometimes does a bit of yoga and has a special cushion. She also had one at the flat. Of course, I brought the one home from the flat. She doesn’t need two.

So, she suggested I use one of them on my office chair. And it worked a treat! Much cheaper than a new chair. Even cheaper than a new gas cylinder, if that’s the problem.

Also, the weather was lovely while the garden continues to be verdant. So, being in the middle of it was a lovely, comfortable way to do admin.

Apart from sitting in my newly modified chair, this morning I was up early enough to go into town before 8am. This means, among other things, that I pass all the parents taking their kids to school. As I walked down Park Row, I must have been greeted by at least ten different people (and some kids). Given my responses, that’s a lot of good mornings. Which is not at all, a bad thing.

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