Alcoholic tea

I walked into Farnham twice today, and I managed to visit two new shops, one per walk. Both were excellent. In one of them, I discovered a previously unknown and delicious beverage.

One new place was the new butcher in East Street. I felt a bit bad about going to a different butcher but, given Smallbone’s isn’t open on Monday, I figured it was allowed. As it turned out, there’s no competition. The new place is more a deli than a butcher. It had some interesting things, including smoked meats and decent sauerkraut.

The visit to the butcher was early on.

My second trip into Farnham was in the afternoon, with Mirinda, for a visit to the lawyers with regard to the hell that has become the Sale of the Cottage. We met Mark and Amy (his assistant), Harriet having left. Which makes the second time Harriet has left during our two attempts at selling.

Mark was as excellent in person as he has been digitally. Amy took a few notes, which, given this is her first job following law school, is only to be expected.

Having discussed extreme plans for an hour, Mirinda and I wandered back to Downing Street, wondering in which cafe we’d have a much needed coffee. It was then I discovered the second new shop of the day.

It’s called Hamiltons and it’s a Tea House. And it’s where I was introduced to Rød from the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company. It’s tea that is then mixed with grape must used in wine. It’s a sort of wine/tea hybrid. It tastes a bit like Kombucha but is 5% and very refreshing. In fact, the guy who served it and told me all about it, asked if I’d have it again and my response was a very enthusiastic YES! It’s very good.

Mirinda also loved her wellness tea.

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