Drama at the roundabout

It was just as we left the M3. There’s a big, very busy, roundabout. We were stopped at the lights when, suddenly, an explosion of emotions in the car beside us resulted in a young fellow leaving the car and walking off in a huff. His last word was the slamming of his door.

Beyond the roundabout, when it was safe to do so, the driver pulled over, presumably to wait for his passenger to cool down. Mind you, he could have been waiting some time. There was quite a lot of distance between the two.

It was the most excitement during our drive home. No traffic problems, a beautiful day, listening to lectures ranging from neurology to bitcoin. It went very smoothly and was a perfect end to our holiday.

There was this pair at one point. They decided to match speed in two lanes beside each other just to irritate everyone else. I guess it’s the new power of the HGV driver. Mirinda reckons they were chatting. For about 20 miles.

Of course, the best bit of getting home is collecting the girls. I think Emma wad worried that we’d gone off to Sweden without her. She was very excited to see us home. Freya was very excited as well but, to be honest, she always is.

I spotted this late in the afternoon. The relevant bit is ‘…little immunity‘.

It comes as the NHS launched its biggest ever flu vaccination drive amid fears flu deaths could be the worst for 50 years because of lockdowns and social distancing. More than 35 million people will be offered flu jabs this winter, amid concern that prolonged restrictions on social contact have left Britain with little immunity.

Officials fear that this winter could see up to 60,000 flu deaths – the worst figure in Britain since the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic – without strong uptake of vaccines. There is also concern about the effectiveness of this year’s jabs, because the lack of flu last year made it harder for scientists to sample the virus and predict the dominant strains.


This was from Dr Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England. She should know.

What did people expect? If you remove all contact with nature, then you effectively remove your ability to exist alongside it. We are part of this planet, like it or not, and if you ignore the natural symbiosis, you lose your natural defences.

Man-made cures are merely sticking plasters that make other people richer.

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