Heading for the Dales

There was a risk that we would find ourselves stranded somewhere a few hundred miles from home. The risk was because of the current fuel ‘crisis’. We were driving to Thirsk in North Yorkshire without any real knowledge of petrol availability. There’s not a lot in the south east and we were hoping for more sense in the north.

We arrived at our accommodation safe and sound and with a full tank of petrol. It would appear that the stupidity that is panic buying is only happening down south.

In fact, the journey up was a pleasure. We don’t normally travel on a Sunday but might do from now on. The M1 was gloriously smooth and traffic jam free. This is a first for me. The only ‘slow’ bit was through the traffic works where the speed is limited to 60mph. Unless you’re coach driver.

We had the misfortune of having the dickhead driving this DJ Coaches coach sitting on our tail flashing his lights and urging us to break the speed limit.

If anyone knows this twat, could you please tell him that he doesn’t have the right to tell people how fast to drive and that it’s pathetic to think he can threaten Mini drivers just because he’s driving a massive great bus. Why do people have to drive like arseholes?

Anyway, that might have put the dampeners on the journey, but it didn’t. After he eventually undertook us and joined the other law abiding drivers going at 60mph ahead of us, we were free of him.

In fact, we arrived at Sandhutton happy and unscathed.

After unpacking Max and being given the tour of the barn conversion we’re staying in, we headed for the King’s Arms for much needed libation.

What a lovely pub it is. Obviously it has been done up recently because it’s bright and airy and the furniture looks new. A pleasure to drink in, proven by the amount of locals in having animated chats around us, making it difficult to hear each other. So good to see. Or hear, as the case may be.

Food had finished for the day at the pub, so we headed into Thirsk (about six minutes drive) and had Italian for dinner at Bianco, a very popular place for families of a Sunday night.

An excellent first day of our week’s holiday.

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