Back in the hot seat

I had a Talking Newspaper today. After my brief foray into the Reader role last week, I was Presenting again. This time with Ann. And it went very well. Though, to be fair, it always goes well with Ann.

A while ago we had an email from the technical manager asking us to cut down the running time. Given the whole thing is now done on the one day, the engineers are not that keen on being up all night preparing the recordings. And who can blame them?

We were advised to time ourselves, to make sure we came in under the 80 minute mark. I have to confess that I’m fairly sure I hold the record with a two hour session from Sweden. Though that was when it was over two days rather than the now half. And most of it was chat, probably with Nigel.

Anyway, I completely forgot to time myself and, as a result, the recording was 97 minutes! My report card will say “Gary is very amusing, but he could do much better keeping track of the time!” To be fair, our engineer, Mike R, did a magnificent job and had the recording live on the website by 7:30pm. Given we finished recording at 4:30, that’s not bad.

The recording itself went very well. I’ve downloaded the audio here if anyone is even remotely interested. Worth listening to the Births and Deaths at 59 mins 15 seconds, if nothing else.

Weatherwise, the day was grey and glum and perfect for spending half of it editing and the other recording in my office. The temperature was nicely autumnal as well.

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