Quiche for all

While Mirinda, Nat and Will beavered away at the dining table, brainstorming and making brilliant plans, I was busy in the kitchen, quietly knocking up a quiche. A ChezGaz quiche which, along with the usual eggs and bacon also featured three different cheeses. I know that’s technically not a quiche but, who cares? I love cheese.

I’d already knocked up a batch of shortbread for them to have over coffee when they arrived and was quite pleased with myself for managing to entertain with a moments notice.

Okay, not quite a moment as such. I did find out last night at around 7:30pm but I did have to go to Waitrose first thing this morning so I could make a salad to go with the quiche.

Something I completely forgot to do was take a photo of the quiche. Which is a shame because it looked perfect. It also tasted perfect and was quickly consumed by all of us, leaving nothing but crumbs.

I also whipped up some of the salad dressing I perfected in Sweden. I think they enjoyed that as well. Obviously, I didn’t take a photo of that. Other things I forgot to photograph were Mirinda, Nat and Will at lunch and the shortbread. I guess I was in a bit of a fluster after all. Or maybe it was the strain from preparing lunch quietly.

Anyway, to make up for the general lack of lunchtime photos, here’s one of dinner.

I made griddled tuna steaks with pak choy (one of the ChezGaz staples). It was very nice and very well received.

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