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Every Wednesday, a group of volunteers turns up in Farnham Park and attacks something that needs attacking. Nettles, brambles, small butt seed saplings, various weeds, all get the hack, hoe and chop treatment.

This week, as I returned from the shops, they were clearing the big bowl near the little playground. This morning, as I walked into town, I saw the result of their hard work.

I wish I’d known so I could have taken a before shot. Suffice it to say, the entire bowl was awash with stuff.

Then, as I walked passed Sue’s road, I noticed that someone had cut down all the trees on one side of the steps. It was quite a shock.

Before the lopping, the road was hidden from view, giving a sort of continuous green line from park to houses. Now it’s all stark.

The trees are not part of the park so I assume the house owner had them cut down. Hopefully, because they were causing problems rather than because the owner hates trees.

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