Skinny dipping with nuns

We were both ‘on air’ today. Mirinda had her first Town Hall for ages and I had a Talking Newspaper. While I started earlier, we did overlap a bit, but at opposite ends of the house. Well, she was in the library and, I was in my garden office.

From the sounds coming through the library door, her Town Hall went very well. My Talking News was definitely very good.

Today, rather than presenting, I was reading for Nina. It was because of various swaps I had to do and I wound up being her reader. I have to say, it’s been a long while since I was a reader and I really, really enjoyed it.

Obviously, I love being a presenter and controlling everything in my own, chaotic style but, sometimes, it’s just nice to sit back and let someone else take the reins. This is especially so when it comes to the organising of the edition.

A presenter needs to start as soon as the Herald is live (around 9am) and have everything ready to go to the reader and sound engineer by around 12pm. Then there’s the editing to do before a 2:30 recording time.

The reader, on the other hand, can just chill and wait for the stories to arrive before editing and recording. Then, it’s just reading.

And the session went very well. I do love reading with Nina. She always tells such great stories about her time as a civil servant. Not on the recordings, I hasten to add. I don’t think it would be good for her to tell the listeners about the psychopaths she used to work for. But it’s very entertaining that she tells me.

And so, the session went very well and smooth, and finished just after 4pm.

The title of this post refers to a story I had to read today. I think it’s easily one my favourite headlines. The story refers to a bunch of ex-army guys who went for a long overland drive back in 1963. One of them, Keith Donnison, celebrated his 84th birthday in the week and told everyone the story.

Here’s Keith and his birthday cake:

He and his mates were in Iran. The desert was hot and dry and their Land Rover didn’t have any aircon. They suddenly found a waterfall. Keith doesn’t explain how a waterfall suddenly turned up in a desert but that could have been edited out of the story.

So, the boys decide to strip off and jump into the water and enjoyed a rather impromptu shower. Then a van turned up. As Keith explained

Again, why the nuns just happened to drive by a waterfall is not explained. Or why the lads declined the offer of a bed, polite or otherwise. Maybe they preferred sleeping in the Land Rover or maybe they had a fear of habits. We shall never know.

I suggested that it sounded like the beginning of a Ken Russell film.

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