Fish treats from the north

In a bit of expert timing, I arrived back from the shops this morning just as a white van stopped outside the house. As I unlocked the front door, the driver put a big box on the step and took a photograph. I thanked him and took the box inside.

One of the things we’ve really missed from our time in Sweden is the herring. I managed to get some from Amazon, but I’d prefer spending my money somewhere other than the Bezos elixir of youth fund. Then Agent R mentioned to Mirinda that there’s a shop in London called the Scandi Kitchen. I found the website and ordered a whole load of herring. And some of the pickled cucumber we really like.

And that’s what was in the box.

It’s not too hard to guess what we had after dinner instead of dessert tonight. It almost felt like we were back in Vendelsö.

Earlier in the day I was in the kitchen preparing ‘bread’. Mirinda had asked for paleo bread today, so I cooked up a loaf. That was delicious as well.

It was particularly useful when it came time to mop up the juices from dinner which was chicken and red pepper stew tonight. All very yum.

I should mention the lovely postcard that came with the herring. It was from the person who prepared and packed the box, Thonne.

I’ve never received a postcard from Jeff Bezos.

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