Not first class

My train trip back to London was very much unlike the one to York. Mostly, it wasn’t first class, so I didn’t get free food and drink and I had to sit next to someone wearing a mask. The train also stopped at a few other stations. Still, the trip went fast enough, and I was soon across London and on a train home from Waterloo.

The morning had started as usual with me writing my blog and soon joined by John with the rest of the weasels gradually rising. Except that’s not exactly what happened today.

When I tried to get into my blog in order to write up yesterday, I couldn’t get in. First there was a looping login issue then I couldn’t access anything.

Eventually I managed to get in only to find that all my catergories had vanished. Then, horror of horrors, there was nothing there at all. As I grew gradually more desperate, I explained to John that losing my blog is losing almost three million words and thoughts. He didn’t seem to feel this was a problem.

It then occurred to me to try and access the site via the host. Only, when I tried accessing the site on the host, I couldn’t get in. Ah, my morning brain reasoned, Occam’s razor.

I sent them an email, explaining the situation. It was fixed within the hour.

By that time, John and I were happily sitting in Anthea’s car as she drove us to York Station. John and I had a coffee before my train was due when he went off to his hotel (he’s visiting with Sarah this weekend) and I walked down platform 3 to Zone 5.

I was rather lucky at Doncaster when two people left the train from across the aisle. When we pulled out of the station and no-one had taken them, the woman in the mask next to me moved seat, giving me two. She immediately took off her mask for the rest of the trip. Which seemed a bit odd. Still, not for me to judge.

The train home was very comfortable, being almost empty and completely free of masks. The trip to Farnham passed by very quickly. Mirinda picked me up from the station and I was soon home. I left York at 10:30 and arrived at the house at 14:30. Not bad.

Given I didn’t feel like cooking, we went to The Lost Boy for dinner. I was exceedingly naughty and had the pollo bianco. For entrée, though, I had the scallops with pork belly, which was very tasty.

I recounted my adventures over the week as we munched away. I concluded it was a fine, funny and entertaining Weasel Gathering.

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