A grand day

There was a group of teens on the train giggling and laughing. Suddenly a phone call to one of them and she was instantly in floods of tears and saying how she couldn’t believe it. It was difficult to hear but it sounded like her best friend had committed suicide.

There followed lots of tears and commisserations, peppered with phone calls and texting.

Turns out her best friend had sex with her boyfriend. Definitely put the dampeners on the cheerful journey. Still, I thought, a bit of an over reaction.

Something else that almost put the dampeners on my journey to King’s Cross was the closure of the Northern Line. Fortunately, standing handily by a tube map was an extremely knowledgeable TFL person. I asked her the best way to King’s Cross. She immediately came back with “Bakerloo to Oxford Circus. Victoria line to King’s Cross.”

I thanked her profusely and continued my journey across London.

Having waited for the platform, I joined the throng heading for the train to Aberdeen. Once aboard, I unexpectedly found myself in a first class seat to York. Very happy with LNER, I have to say.

The morning had been a bit of a run around for me while Mirinda enjoyed a sleep in in a comfortable bed. I had last minute things to organise before leaving.

There were the services at the flat needed by the real estate place and payment of a couple of invoices. It was with a sigh of relief that I climbed aboard the train at Farnham.

As arranged, Madame E was waiting for me at York Station and we were soon speeding across the country to Polkington.

Originally, I was going to travel up with John but he was unexpectedly detained with a cut so bad it required stitches. The stitches are coming out tomorrow so he is now coming up with Lorna and Darren.

And so, eventually, we pulled up outside Bev and Jon’s place to be greeted by Bev trying to open the front door. Her struggles were plain to see through the glass of the front door. She was then replaced by Jon who resumed the assault.

Finally the door opened and there were hugs galore as well as a bit of WD40 for the latch.

Naturally, having settled where we were all sleeping, we headed for the pub for a couple of interesting beers and a long and lively catch-up chat which even the man behind the bar joined in on.

Finally we returned to a house full of the smell of lamb shanks which were then, suitably devoured.

The evening was finished off with gin in the garden room before we all fell upstairs to bed.

A grand day.

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