Changing wipers

According to the Lady from St Mawes, when the Canadian geese start honking and flying over the park, it’s an indication that Autumn is almost here. When she told me, I asked how we could get to Autumn without actually going through Summer first. She said that we’re going to have Summer next week. Monday and Tuesday, she said, will be glorious.

Hopefully she’s right. We’re off on holiday tomorrow and a couple of glorious days would be lovely.

The weather today wasn’t too bad – it didn’t rain – with sunshine most of the afternoon. This was quite handy because I had to change the wipers on Max. It would be somewhat ironic to have to change windscreen wipers in the rain.

I managed it, eventually. With a tiny screwdriver and a bit of brute force.

I watched a number of Youtube videos, all of which didn’t show the type of wiper we have on Max. I now know that when it comes time to replace the ones I put on today, that there’s lots of How Tos to choose from.

Not that getting a pair was particularly easy. I tried in Sweden, when we had Max serviced but they couldn’t source any. I then ordered a pair from Amazon. They had good reviews and seemed like they’d do the job. When the parcel turned up there was only one wiper in the box that should have contained two. I sent it back and gave them a stinging review.

Finally, I paid over the odds to have a pair of Bosch blades arrive before we left. Which is why I was fitting them today.

They arrived while I was in Farnham, shopping and taking coffee.

In Waitrose I ran into The Sunshine Mum, a woman I used to see every day, pushing a stroller with a new baby and always happy and smiling. The last time I saw her was sometime between lockdowns last year and she was pregnant with her second child.

She was genuinely pleased to see me. She said her baby was seven months old. I said we’d been in Sweden for nine months. We exchanged broad, warm smiles before I headed outside, to Starbucks.

My smile vanished when I noticed that the parents who drop their kids off then invade Starbucks, have returned from the long Summer break. While my heart sank, it then rose again because the very big group was encamped outside. Inside, it was as peaceful as first thing Sunday morning.

Sandra made my latte and created a lovely bit of art on top.

It was a shame to spoil it. At least I have a photo.

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