Life on the road

I went to Canary Wharf today to collect the last few things from the flat and to drop the keys off for the real estate agent. As I was leaving, it occurred to me that it might be the last time I’ll see the flat. I’ll miss it. It’s been a big presence in our life for quite a few years now.

However, I didn’t catch a train and tube to get there. This time I travelled in style. I’d organised for Andrew to drive me. And what fun it was.

It was like two of our coffee sessions converted into two road trips. It’s a good thing we’ve both done so much in our lives because it’s unlikely we’ll run out of things to talk about anytime soon.

Some things I learned about Andrew today: He went to primary school with Starbucks Sue, he knows Richard the Eggman, he once posed in front of US Airforce One, his car is ridiculously comfortable. There was a lot of other stuff but some of it I’m not allowed to talk about on a public forum.

Some things Andrew learned about me today: My shortest ever job at the menswear shop, lots of theatrical anecdotes, I don’t like champagne. Actually, there was far too much chat about my acting days. Hopefully I didn’t bore him like I do Frank.

There was a lot of stuff to put into the car – he shook his head when I said I was going to move it via tube and train – including a large and unnecessary number of cushions. I wasn’t sure whether to leave the cushions or not. I asked Andrew if, when renting a furnished flat, it contained cushions. He emphatically answered no. So, the cushions were packed.

What is it with cushions?” I asked.

You go into a bedroom, you don’t use the cushions on the bed, you just chuck them into a corner then use the bed. No-one ever goes into the bedroom unless they’re going to use the bed. Why are the cushions there?” Andrew replied.

Now they have to find a home in Farnham. Maybe I can fob them off to someone else, someone with a bigger bed.

All round, I had a marvellous day. I thoroughly enjoy Andrew’s company and hope we can share many more hours together.

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