A day, mostly spent writing

We had a lovely visit from Sue today. She wanted to hear about Sweden, so we regaled her with talk of lakes and forests and the deciphering of foods. Mirinda also showed her lots of photos. Possibly the most important thing though was introducing her to cardamom buns.

When I made the batch last week, I froze three of them especially for today. It was an experiment that worked very well. Okay, they weren’t as good as fresh but, still, it’s a good way of making a batch and leaving some aside.

Most of my day, though, was spent writing up my blog posts for the last three days.

I had to go shopping for dinner, so I spent an hour in Starbucks writing, having already spent a couple of hours at home beforehand. I finished writing late in the day while Mirinda took Freya for a walk – Emma still being in season.

I roasted a bit of a lamb’s leg for dinner and we drank a bottle of red. After the last few days, it made for a lovely, quiet change.

I did wonder, though, when the clock ticked around to 2pm, whether Frank was having a snooze, somewhere inappropriate.

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